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Addiction is any behaviour that is repeated over and over despite significant negative consequences. A symptom of addiction is when a desire for something becomes a compulsion.

Addiction affects individuals as well as their family and friends. And in many cases, individuals are living with the despair and unhappiness of its effects on their entire family and community. MyMove Counselling is a place where there is a wealth of understanding, care and experience - right here in the community - that can help them make the first vital step to recovery from their addiction.

MyMove Counselling focuses on the steps and support that will enable people to make new beginnings as they begin a journey of recovery. Through our evidence based and internationally recognised community programmes, we help individuals with:

Alcohol addiction
Drug addiction
Eating disorders
Gambling addiction
Internet addiction
Work addiction

We provide clients with counselling and the specialist support they need to face the realities of their lives. Our specialist and caring staff create an environment that is therapeutic in all aspects, where each person feels valued, safe and supported as they make their journey towards recovery and new life changes. MyMove Counselling provides a range of treatment services to people with addictions, their families or anyone affected by addiction.


The addiction and mental health treatment programme is a 12 week programme to enable those affected by addiction and mental health issues to begin a journey of recovery. Both addiction and mental health affects all areas of life and this programme covers the many issues and events that have caused distress and upheaval for the individual and their families.

This programme is structured and enables a person to continue to remain working and live at home while completing the treatment programme. An initial assessment in conducted in a safe, confidential environment to provide a clear path for treatment. Followed by two weeks preparation exploring the main factors influencing the addiction and mental health. This is followed by ten weeks of a structured program dealing with the addiction with one to one counselling sessions and group work. In conjunction with this family members attend at the initial assessment with follow up family conferences. At the end of the programme there is a comprehensive process relating to maintaining recovery in the community. The programme is designed to bring together mental health and addiction issues and offers a comprehensive way of dealing with issues involving dual diagnosis such as depression or anxiety.




Gambling is a behavioural addiction and is described as an uncontrollable urge to keep gambling despite the tool it takes on your life. Gambling addiction has the potential to ruin more than ones life if left untreated. 

The addiction to gambling is known as a behavioural addiction; it can eventually lead to severe financial difficulties, issues at work, dysfunctional family life, and  even suicide.

Whether you do the lottery, play poker online, or bet on sports,  compulsive gambling coupled with delusional thinking (such as believing that winning is the result of skill and not luck) is a problem for those who engage in it.

How does it begin?

People frequently begin using gambling as a coping mechanism for other aspects of their lives, including but not limited to:

  • A means of escaping pressure, stress, or a release from sadness or emptiness, a means of escaping toxic relationships
  • or all of the above


Addiction affects many aspects of a person's life, and seeking treatment is the beginning of a process of recovery for life. Aftercare is the process of completing the goals that a person has set for their recovery in order to help them and their families begin to have a better quality of life away from the effects of addiction. Recovery helps to sustain them through the challenges that they face in the early stages of their recovery. Recovery is a lifestyle change that requires ongoing support on an individual, one to one basis or/and group work. 

The aftercare is offered on a weekly basis in a group setting and also one to one sessions are available to those dealing with the highs and lows and emerging issues during the course of their recovery.

MyMove also offers an aftercare program for those who have completed a 12-week tratement program within MyMove and wish to continue in aftercare for 2 years.

Aftercare is also offered to those who have attended primary treatment in other centres and wish to have both face to face and online aftercare with MyMove. In addition, aftercare is available to those who have attended one to one counselling and who are ready to build their recovery through ongoing weekly support.


Two aftercare programs are available online and face-to-face at the centres in Limerick and Tipperary, via one to one counselling or group sessions. 

In addition, equine therapy is available for addiction at Kilshane, Tipperary. This is an opportunity to work with ponies in a therapeutic environment.

Please enquire within for details.


We offer a therapeutic programme in accordance with best practice, which is based on both an abstinence based model and a harm reduction approach.

Our programmes are carried out by a skilled professional team that respects dignity while fostering self-worth and supporting the emotional, mental, social, recreational and spiritual developments of each individual.

Through therapy, clients develop an acceptance of unwanted thoughts and/or feelings and work towards identifying and experiencing alternative ways in which to relate and cope with the unpleasant experiences associated with drug/gambling/alcohol use. This helps to disrupt the link between psychological/physical suffering and alcohol/gambling/drug use.

In this mindful context, clients ideally make decisions and choices based on important personal goals and values, rather than on avoidance or control through their destructive behaviour.

The following therapies are incorporated into treatment:

Behavioural Therapy
Brief Therapy
Creative Art
Crisis Intervention
Family Conferences
Group Therapy
Interagency Conferences
Life Skills
Motivational Interviewing
One-to-One Counselling
Peer Groups
Preparation for Independent Living
Recreational Therapy
Social Skills

Call our drug counsellor for discreet and personally tailored treatment plans

Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking for gambling counselling near me. What is your catchment area?

MyMove Counselling have centres based nationwide to help individuals through their gambling addiction or issues. We provide a private and discreet service for every client.

Do you provide private alcohol counselling services?

Yes. MyMove Counselling offer private alcohol counselling services to individuals and to family members or friends who have been affected by alcohol addiction.

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