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Dreamwork Psychology

We offer a variety of workshops and seminars 


MyMove Counselling host workshops in dreamwork for practicing counsellors, psychotherapists and students who want to learn about dream therapy and apply these skills and techniques into their clinical practice.

This dreamwork workshop will explore the theory, approaches and practical skills of working with dreams in practice, either with individuals, groups or for personal development.

The next Dream Workshop will be held on  7-8th July  2023 9.30am to 4.30pm. CPD POINTS 12. Cost: 160euro

Contact Ann @ MyMove for Details 086 1602874

Topics covered in our workshop include:

Culture and dreams
Dream journaling
Dreams and children
Health issues and dreams
Lucid dreaming
Nightmares and paranormal dreams
Purpose of dreams
Rapid Eye Movement (REM) in sleep and dream
Unconscious issues in dreams

This dreamwork workshop is based on a pluralistic approach to dreamwork and will cover a philosophical and psychological approach, leading to modern methods and theories of working with dream material.

A curiosity about dreamwork is the only requirement you need to attend a workshop that is not dependent on previous experience. Participants will also have the opportunity to work on their own dreams throughout the programme.

Benefits Of Dreamwork Psychology

Decrease in general client symptoms and levels of depression
Enhanced therapeutic outcomes
Increase in existential well-being
Support your own psychological wellbeing

Get in touch to learn more about our upcoming workshops or art therapy


Art therapy can promote growth and positive change in people of all ages and abilities. Art therapists work with a wide variety of client groups and in different settings including, but not limited to:

Art therapists work in a variety of settings, including:

Private practice
Healthcare and social services
Statutory and voluntary organisations
Mental health

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a background in counselling to attend the dreamwork psychology workshop?

No. Our workshop is open to everyone, from counsellors and psychotherapists to those simply wanting to learn about their dreams. MyMove Counselling look forward to welcoming you to our future workshops.

Do MyMove Counselling provide clinical supervision for client related dreamwork therapy?

Yes. A counselling supervisor will be available to conduct clinical supervision as a method for reflection and monitoring of your newly acquired skills in dreamwork.

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