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Family Therapy

We offer families easy access to professional counselling services

Family Support

Addiction is a disease that affects the whole family. We offer put in family support group meeting once a week. The family support programme is a support group designed to offer support, education and guidance for families no matter where their loved one is at in their addiction or recovery journey. The effects of addiction and mental health can have devastating effects on families. By the time a loved one begins the process of recovery, the family members maybe equally in need of support due to the extended periods of extreme stress and worry deteriorating relationships, the lack of trust, feelings of powerlessness, loss of family cohesion and codependency. MyMove counselling offers one to one counselling for family members seeking support as a result of the effects of addiction or mental health in the home. Group support is available every week to help break down the isolation and effects of addiction and mental health.

Family support group is a safe, confidential and non-judgemental place for the family members and those affected by mental health and addiction to come together and discuss issues in relation to dealing with enabling within the family.

MyMove Counselling recognises family and concerned persons in all of its programmes. We understand the importance of helping families and loved ones learn about the effect of addiction and how it affects important relationships. Working with families is an integral part of our programme while a person is in treatment. Everyone who is close to an addicted person is affected in a unique way and can therefor play a key and different role in promoting recovery.


For anyone affected by addiction or have a family member in recovery or addiction we have:

Family Support Program Online & In Person in our Limerick & Tipperary Centres every Thursday evening

All family members are affected by addiction

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my family affected by addiction?

Yes. Every member of the family is adversely affected by addiction.

Do I need a referral to attend therapy?

No. We aim to provide easily accessible counselling and psychotherapy services to people in need of support without waiting lists or referrals. Contact our team today.

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