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About Us

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About Us

What We Provide:


My Move Counselling offers Professional, One-To-One and Online Psychotherapy in areas of Mental Health and Addiction Therapy. Additionally providing Clinical and Academic Supervision to support Professionals.


Our Vision:

My Move Counselling’s Vision is to provide Counselling & Psychotherapy services to people in need without waiting lists or referrals. Addressing a wide range of issues people face today in Ireland with the most common been Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Trauma.


Our Mission:

Our mission at My Move Counselling is to provide affordable and accessible support to people who are looking to improve areas in their emotional and mental health transitions.

While change can be challenging, our therapists are ready to help you overcome those challenges by giving each person the space to reflect on their lives and prepare for the moves they need to take with support and encouragement.

My Move seeks to embrace the complexity of each person and as such it deals with the Biological, Psychological, Social and Spiritual aspect of each person’s life.

My Move centres work within an Ecumenical setting, where active engagement of all faith experience is encouraged as a support in a person’s recovery.

My Move Counselling seeks to help all to discover their giftedness and grow in a process of reflection and insight.

We provide a professional and non-judgemental service in a welcoming environment to help you regain and restore your well-being.

My Move Counselling is an innovative health care facility providing a variety of services to public and local industries.


Our Team:

Counselling & Psychotherapy is delivered by our team of experienced therapists who have expertise in the areas of Mental Health & Addiction. Offering Support and encouragement to individuals dealing with Mental health and Addiction issues so that recovery and a better quality of life becomes a reality for them and their families. Our services are designed to allow each person to access supports while retaining control over their right to privacy.

The Therapists at our Clinic are fully Qualified, Accredited & Regulated by the relevant Professional Bodies.


How does this Work?

My Move Counselling provides a 12-week recovery program for both Mental Health and Addiction issues.

Additionally providing workshops to many schools, clubs and workplaces in the areas of Mental Health and Addiction.


Additional Services:

Providing Clinical supervision whereby it offers support to professionals who are engaged in education and health care and are dealing with stress, burnout or fatigue in relation to their work.



My Move Counselling aim to deliver accessible and affordable counselling services to clients in Limerick and Tipperary by offering flexible rates according to every individual's employment status.


Ann Reidy (BA Hons MAPCP)

Ann holds a BA hons in counselling and psychotherapy. Ann has considerable experience working in the field of general counselling and addiction. Ann is an integrative counsellor recognising the effects of childhood and past experiences, which play a considerable part in the issues that emerge in later life. Ann uses the client centred approach, recognising the dignity that each person holds thereby creating a safe therapeutic space for people to deal with personal issues including traumatic events, addiction, depression, bereavement, anxiety and poor self-image. Ann helps individuals find the capacity within themselves to better manage life's challenges while also empowering, guiding and supporting each individual throughout the therapeutic process. Ann also works with groups and family support groups. 


Ciaran Carey (BA Hons MACI)

Ciaran is an addiction counsellor and specialist with vast experience in the field of addiction and recovery. Ciaran holds a BA (Hons) in Counselling and Addiction Studies from ICHAS in Limerick. He is an accredited member of Addiction Counsellors of Ireland (ACI). Ciaran's skills lie in his ability to combine addiction and general health issues by applying a person centred approach to his work in both private practice as well as residential treatment centres. Ciaran works with groups and has also facilitated aftercare, relapse prevention and family support groups. Ciaran practices under the strict criteria and Code of Ethics employed by the ACI and uses integrative psychotherapy which combines a range of elements drawn from various models of psychotherapy.

Ciaran's humanistic approach helps the client to consider the whole person, mind, body and spirit - and finds favour with one or more types of approaches tailored in a way that meets the client's individual needs. Ciaran's experience includes working with anxiety, anger management, bereavement and loss, bullying, substance and alcohol related issues, gambling, grief and loss, depression, career change and the harbouring of suicidal ideation at various points in one's life. He also has extensive experience working with personality disorders, relationship issues, domestic violence and low self-esteem issues.



Dr James Kinane is a Programme Director, lecturer and clinical and academic supervisor at the Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences (ICHAS) in Limerick. James is an educational psychologist and a lecturer in undergraduate and graduate programmes in addiction and supervision. James has been working in the adult education sector in the UK and USA for over 20 years - specialising in clinical and academic supervision. He holds a BA in psychology and philosophy and a MA in clinical supervision and applied practice. He completed a PhD in philosophy as well as postgraduate degrees in education and MA and MDIV in theology and a higher diploma in spirituality. He holds a diploma in addiction counselling and MA in clinical supervision and applied practice.

James has extensive experience in the field of addiction, working in rehabilitation treatment centres throughout the country, and is part of a team to monitor and accredit treatment centres and healthcare providers in Ireland and the UK. He also has a private practice in supervision since 2013 and is a member of the Supervisors Association of Ireland (SAI), the American Psychological Association (APA), and a member and supervisor with Addiction Counsellors of Ireland (ACI). James has a deep interest in dreamwork and regularly gives workshops to counsellors, therapists and supervisors on how to utilise dreams as part of therapy.

Kirstie Haverty pic.jpg

Kirstie Haverty
B.A. (Hons) MNAPCP

Kirstie holds a B.A. in Counselling and Psychotherapy with Addiction Studies. Prior to qualifying as a  counsellor, she had extensive experience in both public and private healthcare as a Manual Therapist and Licenced Acupuncturist. Kirstie’s approach is primarily Person-Centred and holistic in nature, taking into consideration the Client’s overall health and wellbeing -  meeting Clients where they are at in the therapeutic space. She utilises various therapeutic techniques to match the needs of the Client, focusing throughout on the Core Conditions of Empathy, Non Judgement and Congruence, hence employing an individualistic approach.

Kirstie has a principal interest in Addiction, how it affects both the individual seeking treatment and their support system. Other areas of interest are: Women’s Health, Animal Assisted Therapy, Family Systems and Therapeutic Group Process. Presently, Kirstie facilitates both Aftercare and Programme Groups at My Move.

Sabrina Doran pic.jpg

Sabrina Doran
B.A. (Hons) MAPCP

Sabrina Doran has completed an BA (Hons) degree with Counselling & Psychotherapy from Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences is a fully accredited Counsellor with APCP. Sabrina adopts an integrative approach dependant on the client’s needs, drawing from therapies such as Humanistic, CBT and Compassion Focused.

She has experience working with individuals impacted from trauma, individuals and families affected from addiction. Additionally working with a diversity of people who are experiencing stress and suffering from other mental health issues for e.g., Anxiety, Depression

Sabrina is passionate and has a special interest in working with trauma, addiction, mental health including perinatal mental health. Throughout her therapeutic work, Sabrina strives to provide psychological safety and a warm empathic, non-judgemental environment.

Facilitating clients to explore, process and reflect upon their life experiences. She aims to help clients obtain an understanding of oneself and the impediments that have been preventing them from living an authentic fulfilling life.

Sabrina assists her clients identify their strengths, learning new skills so they can handle life's challenges. Building on their inner and outer resources for e.g., Support Network, Emotional Regulation, Coping Skills and Self Esteem allowing them to face the future with hope, confidence, and resilience.

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