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Clinical Supervision

We offer a range of supervision services 

Clinical Supervision

“At its simplest, supervision is a forum where supervisees review and reflect on their work in order to do it better.”

Dr. Michael Carroll

Clinical supervision is a process that enhances the practitioner's competency and confidence while building a trusting relationship between a supervisor and a supervisee .

Supervision is offered in a cross professional service for those involved in health care and educational settings. MyMyove Counselling also provides supervision to accredited, pre-accredited and student counsellors who are working and/or undergoing training in professional counselling and psychotherapy.

Benefits of clinical supervision include:

Develop clinical wisdom and skills through reflective practice
Identify learning challenges and goals
Potential for growth and transformational learning
Uncover blind spots and work creatively with blocks and limitations

Supervision provides a supportive space for professionals to explore the progress and professional development of their work. All professional counsellors and psychotherapists have a Code of Ethics to observe their work through consistent supervision, ensuring that one's standard of counselling or psychotherapy is experienced and enables further development.

Every counselling supervisor with MyMove Counselling aims to promote reflection, opportunities for learning and education, monitoring of ethical practices, as well as facilitating decision making and problem solving processes. We provide a secure space for professional and personal growth while promoting a work life balance to avoid burnout.

Develop as a practitioner with the help of a clinical supervisor at MyMove Counselling

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently can clinical supervision be provided?

A counselling supervisor can be provided on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Get in touch with our team to learn more about upcoming availability and schedules.

Do you provide online supervision services?

Clinical supervision is available online through Zoom and WhatsApp. Our service is provided for pre-accredited members and for accredited members and supervisors.

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