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Dr. James Kinane was a guest recently on the ICHAS Podcast. During the interview, he talked about:

  • MyMove Counselling?

  • The main areas that MyMove Counselling focuses on?

  • A day in the life at MyMove Counselling?

  • Practice Placement at MyMove Counselling?

  • How Practice Placement with MyMove can benefit students in their application of theory to practice *

  • The support for students on Practice Placement?


Interview with Dr. James Kinane of MyMove Counselling


MyMove Counselling hosts workshops in dreamwork for practicing counsellors, psychotherapists, students and anyone who wants to learn about dream therapy and apply these skills and techniques into their clinical practice.

A unique opportunity for accessing and understanding the meaning of dreams in your life.  This is a 2-day workshop 7-8th July (Fri/Sat)  from 9.30am to 4.00pm. 

This is an opportunity to explore how to work with your dreams. 

This workshop will offer a number of techniques in relation to dreams for yourself or those you work with offered in the context of Judeo-Christian experience exploring the narrative and literature that has shaped the collective unconscious of civilizations in the western world for the last 3000 years. 

The workshop will explore the psychology of dreams, issues such as REM, sleep cycles and dealing the psychic connection, the unconscious. 

For those who practice in counselling, psychotherapy, or spiritual direction some considerations will be given as to how to work in those fields. This will involve how to manage the structuring of dreams and the scientific and spiritual understanding of symbols. 

This is an interactive workshop over 2 days for beginners and for those who have some familiarity with dreamwork and for those who have an advanced understanding of journaling as well as using dreams within spiritual direction.

Dr. James Kinane is an educational psychologist who has worked with dreams and dreamwork in the USA and in the UK as well as Ireland for a number of years.  He conducts workshops, seminars and supervision in relation to this work.  His MA thesis develops the relationship between dreamwork and supervision enabling counsellors and therapists to work in this area with their clients.  James is a senior lecturer in ICHAS, lecturing in the field of addiction-recovery and supervision.

The next Dream Workshop will be held on 7-8th July 2023. 9.30am to 4.30pm.  Cost: 160euro

Contact Ann @ MyMove for Details 086 1602874

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