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Equine Therapy

MyMove Counselling

At MyMove Counselling Equine therapy is available for mental health and addiction in Tipperary. This is an opportunity to work with ponies in a therapeutic environment. Interact with horses to establish relationships. This can be done through, feeding, leading, and grooming the horse.


Horses are observers and alert creatures that are sensitive to emotion and movement. They frequently behave or feel like the client, conveying empathy and connection that makes the client feel safe. 


Using the horse's behaviour and interactions as opportunities to check in and process what is happening right now, this also enables clients to maintain a sense of self-awareness. 

Caring for Animals

Caring for and spending time with animals is good for your health in many ways. 
Animals have been used as therapy for a long time, which makes sense since they give people companionship, comfort, and a strong sense of well-being.


What is Equine Therapy?

In equine-assisted psychotherapy, horses are incorporated into the therapeutic process. A mental health professional supervises participants as they engage in activities such as grooming, feeding, and leading a horse. Following sessions, you and your therapist will have the opportunity to discuss your experiences and emotions.

Goals & Benefits

This type of therapy aims to assist individuals in 

developing skills such as emotional regulation, 

self-confidence, and responsibility.

Benefits: Emotional Regulation, Assertiveness

Confidence, Empathy, Social Skills

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